EULOG 2016
EULOG 2016
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Faculty for Buisness, Economics and Statistics



The study of business, economics, and statistics were first introduced at the University of Vienna in 1793, when the first professorship for "cameralism" (the German science of administration in the 18th century) at the faculty for law was introduced. Today the faculty is an internationally valued institution for research and teaching. A staff of more than 320 perform research in business administration, economics, statistics and operations research, business law, industrial sociology and finance and teach approximately 4000 students in various Bachelor, Master, and PhD programs.

The faculty is located in the center of Vienna right next to the Danube canal.

How to get to the conference venue?

By Public Transport:

The conference venue is right in the middle of Vienna and easily accessible by multiple modes of public transport. We advise you to take use of those options since the provide the easiest and fastest way to travel inside the borders of Vienna. The stations right next to the university (both approximately 5 min walking distance) are:

  • Schlickgasse – serviced by Tram D (also passes Schottentor [subway station])
  • Schottenring – serviced by Subway U2 & U4, Tram 1 & 31

By Taxi:

In addition to the public transport options the conference side is easily accessible by taxi. Since some of the taxi operators still use old maps, be aware that if they are not able to accept “Oskar- Morgenstern-Platz 1, 1090 Wien” the address “Hahngasse 1, 1090 Wien” will also do the trick.

By Car:

If you wish to come with your own car, please be aware that the number of parking spots is limited and all of them require a fee [parking tickets can be acquired at Tabaco shops (“Trafiken”)].




Moving inside the building:

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The conference is held at the "Skylounge" whichs offers one of the best views over / on the city of Vienna. The elevators near the library ("Bibliothek") will transport you directly to the 12th floor where the Skylounge is located.

EULOG 2016 | Artner-Konecny Carina BA  | Institut für BWL, Universität Wien  | Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1, 1090 Wien